Georgia Steed Abel award winners for 2010-2011

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June 23, 2011 - Looney's Pre-K - Connor Jordan won the Energizer Bunny Award; Aidan Richerson - Most Spirited; Hayden Brown - Worker Bee; Chandler Henslee - Most Improved and Cash Ottwell - Best All Around.

Barnard's Kindergarten - Kolton Nichols won Best All Around/Kindergarten Role Model; Logan Spoonemore - Most Improved and Paisley Gibson -Busy as a Bee.

Morrow's Kindergarten - Diego Harrison won Superman/Best All Around; Raeleigh Gibson - Wonderwoman/Aims to Please and Aaron Martin - Mr. Walkie Talkie.

Chambers' First Grade - Kain Bell won the creativity award; Jose Amaro - Most Improved Reader; Charlize Morrison - math and Charles Williams - good citizenship.

Hall's First Grade - Sadie Head won the art award; Erick Orduna - Math Whiz; Brynn Cummings - Hard Worker and Fallon Pearce - Outstanding Helper.

Kent's Second Grade - Thadeus Stephens won the science award; Jared Sherwin - math and Thomas Reed - Most Improved Speller.

Warren's Second Grade - Alondara Orduna won Most Determined; Brady Henslee - Most Improved and Gabi Amaro - Most Helpful.

Rhoden's Third Grade - Robby Spoonemore won Most Improved Student; Evan Bowles won the top reading award and Madison Watkins - Best Overall Student.

Riskey's Third Grade - Britton Evans won Most Improved Reader; Fantasy DuVall - Most Improved Student overall and Savannah Stone - Most Dependable Student.

Lewis' and Simonsen's Fourth Grades - Josie Crossland was named Outstanding 4th Grader; Bree Solis won the reading award; Cord Smith - math and Michael Huddleston - writing.

Collida's Fifth Grade - Morgan Pearson was given the confidence award; Sarah Smart - science PLUS; Garrett Warren - perseverance award and Larry Kysiak the Destiny award.

Tyner's Fifth Grade - Josh Archer was given the Friendship award; Ben Lewis - Always Reading award; Deanna Powell, math sponge and Mary Gilliam - hardest worker.

Bennett - Title I - Cutter George, Improved Overall; Lucas Huddleston, Eager to Learn and Savannah Fuller, Improved Reader.

Becknell - Special Education - Wesley Daugherty was named Outstanding 4th Grade Student and Hannah Brown - Outstanding 5th Grade Student.

Crutcher - Reading Literacy - Trevor Moore, Most Improved; Zachary Henslee, math and Tayvin Moore - reading.

Herron - PE - Jarrett Stone and Christa Davidson were given K-2nd grade PE awards and Kerrigan Luna and Morgan Pearson - 3rd-5th grade PE awards.

Junior High award winners

Jones' Special Education - Coleton Montgomery and Ivan Quezada were given the Outstanding Student award; Randy Stratton - special recognition; Christa Mitcham and Timothy Sheets - English; Skylah Spradlin and Carly LaRue - reading and Faith Nix and Carly LaRue - math.

Hicks' ELA/Writing - Lindsay Thompson 6th grade Outstanding Writer and Jarred Hatchette - Most Improved Writer. Gary Casey 7th Grade - Outstanding Writer and Shelby Vanwie - Most Improved Writer. Holly Gatliff and Alyssa Dillingham 8th grade Outstanding Writer and Alex Cloud - Most Improved Writer.

Trentham's History - Mason McCord 6th grade World History - Outstanding Student and Chelan McGee - Diligent Worker

Stembridge's Technology - Mackenzie Parks was named Top Tech Student and Sarah Coyle - Most Improved Tech Student.

Moore's Reading - Hunter Hooten and Emily Bowels 6th grade reading; Caitlyn Burke and Jordan Compton 7th grade reading and Mackenzie Parks and Emily Shaw 8th grade reading.

Lane's Technology - Lindsay Thompson 6th grade award; Sarah Myers, Gavin Corley and Caitlyn Burke 7th grade and Devon Jackson 8th grade.

Parr's History - Sarah Myers and Gavin Corley 7th grade and Abby Collida and Jordan Wright 8th grade.

Jordan's Science - Myranda Kittelson and Whitney Gilliam 6th grade; Savannah Horton and Seth Warren 7th grade and Devon Jackson and Katelynn Clark 8th grade.

Claxton's Math - Lindsay Thompson and Samantha Hughes 6th grade; Haley Wilson and Christa Mitcham 7th grade and Gary Casey and Cody Evans 8th grade.

Rector's Health - Lindsay Thompson and Jarred Hatchette 6th grade and Garrett Sullivan and Gavin Corley 7th grade.