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More scenes from Leonard Elementary Field Day

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Here are some more scenes from Leonard Elementary School Field Day, held last week.

(Top to bottom) Third grader Annie Brian waits for one more square to fill in before she can holler "BINGO!". Kids enjoyed a myriad of games indoors after rain put a damper on their outdoor plans. A good time was still had by all; Will Albert and Nate Whitworth play a fishy version of "Hot Potato" called "Pass the Bass"; A group of kindergarteners enjoy putting various body parts in and out of the circle and turning themselves about as volunteers lead them in the popular - and active - children's tune "Hokey Pokey". The song led them from their right arm, to their left arm, to their right foot, to their left foot, to their head, and then finally to their whole self; Several third graders run underneath the large colorful parachute that is always a favorite field day activity for kids. When done correctly, the parachute will bow up in a tent-like formation and allow those around the outskirts to come under and inside as it floats down. Many children like to take this opportunity to run underneath the parachute, from one side to another; A blow-up game of Twister was one of the indoor stations set up for the elementary school's field day on Friday, May 20. The students maneuvered themselves to place certain body parts on certain colored dots, while trying not to fall. The blowup version proved to be a bit more of a challenge. - Betsy Blevins staff photos

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